Saturday, December 3, 2016

A Not so Quiet Life...and a Christmas Party

I've been quite busy this month so my blog has been quiet. Well I've been quiet but readers galore have been descending on my blog, so that is terrific! I've been busy decorating the house for Christmas, which is a huge feat because my husband likes a Martha Stewart Christmas with all the halls completely decked out! I think I'd be quite content with a simpler look, but I have purposed to have fun creating some new looks. Also I sewed a gift for a friend for a gift exchange that I hope to share soon, because I sewed my first zipper case! Of course I've been busy with Convention of States. Something is usually happening with that everyday! And without a doubt I've been busy driving my kids to college and work and home again. Oh, and then Bible Study Fellowship...I'm barely finding time to do the homework, but I am definitely accomplishing that! However I did not sew a new dress for my husband's Christmas party this year. I have a friend who noticed, and asked. That meant a lot. Well, my machine has been pretty much decommissioned of late due to sheer busy-ness. At least I had my 1950's dress from last Christmas to wear. I didn't even have time to take fancy photos, basically because no one was around for a photo shoot. The day was busy enough sewing, with great success and I was almost done with the zipper case. I had to backtrack and problem solve quite a bit, but finally resorted to 18th century sewing which I like so much more than modern sewing anyway and it all worked out well.  Then after lunch I began phone calling galore for Convention of States for an upcoming senator meeting. That is always a thrilling experience, talking to like-minded supporters of COS.
Nevertheless here are a few photos from the evening...




The food was great but wow! That's a lot of late night eating. I nibbled some of this and that but even so, I was up late curled on the couch with one of my old quilts to watch Christmas movies. There was no way I could go to bed after eating such yummy food! I think the little bit of this and little bit of that added up to a little more than I thought!
I hope to soon be catching up on all the happenings on my blog because...I'm nearly finished decorating the house!!!


  1. I loved the zippered case! !!!

    1. I'm so glad you did, Holly! Last summer my daughter requested a large zippered case for Christmas, so I already had the pattern! Then I saw your comment on the discussion at the group, and my wheels started turning! ;)