Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Collecting Rows along the Potomac and in the West

I wasn't going to do Row by Row this year. Row pattern collecting (all patterns are free) begins in June. Well, my daughter was busy with college and work all summer. My son was busy with work all summer. I'm the driver. There was not a single day where I could drive for hours in different directions to collect the free patterns from the various shops. It takes 8 to produce a winning quilt.
At long last my daughter's college classes came to an end. Her major testing came to an end. I still had to drive her to work, but I had a bit more time to drive to patterns. Would she like to go? She was more than happy to drive around Northern Virginia with me. I thought I'd just go to a few shops, and not try to conquer the required 8 shops to compete. I was too busy organizing piles of paperwork at the house. However a few locations and patterns intrigued me and I thought it would be a nice outing.

Today was a gorgeous day to go out for a drive near the Potomac River. Alexandria was our first stop because this 18th century lover had to get this quilt row:
1-Alexandria 8-8-16

This shop was only a few blocks from the Potomac River and a few miles from Mount Vernon. My next stop was Great Falls, which is also on the Potomac but several miles away. Although the GPS routed  me through Springfield, the beltway and then I-66, I overroad that by guessing how to get to the George Washington Memorial Parkway. Eureka! I got it and there was the beautiful Potomac sparkling in the sun. I headed north and drove by all the gorgeous Washington DC monuments to Great Falls.

4-Jinny Beyer 8-8-16

Jinny Beyer, the most famous quilter of our area (she's internationally famous) has her shop in Great Falls. While there I finally found a thimble (or two) that fits!

3-Jinny  Byer 8-8-16

2-Great Falls 8-8-16

The day was getting late. Rush hour traffic was pending. I had to get my son to work, but I had time for another stop or two. So we headed west, towards home, and stopped in Haymarket for this row:

5-Haymarket 8-8-16

Then I thought we had time for one more stop, so we went to Warrenton:

6-Warrenton 8-8-16

Then I had to get my son to work. After that I knew I could get to Nokesville for this:

7-Nokesville 8-8-16

Then I got this one from Manassas:

20-Manassas 8-20-16

That's all I plan to collect. I'm too busy organizing the house!!!

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