Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Red, Blue, or We the People?


What a contentious election year! Anger. Finger-pointing. Accusations. Will it all end with the election? There are certain to be more disgruntled souls even after the election is over. Then what? However we look at it, it has most of us feeling red (anger) or blue (sadness). No matter who becomes president, we will still have these problems:

However I am feeling "we the people." In America we hold dear our power of "We the people" through voting, contacting our elected officials, and even running for office ourselves. However we have forgotten that there is another right that the people have.

Our Founding Fathers wrote Article V of the Constitution that empowers the people to petition their state legislatures to call for a Convention of States to amend the Constitution. The staggering national debt and the federal government taking power away from the states demands action. Through a non-partisan grassroots effort 8 states across America have already called for a Convention of States. Petitions are in process in several other states, including Virginia.

After I vote, I will be spending part of the day (after driving my kids to and from college and work, after all this is grassroots...many other grassroots volunteers will be doing the same) in the parking lot of my polling station sharing the news of the Convention of States with my neighbors. I will also be sharing an urgent action point...which is also applicable to any Virginian reading this post.

Here in Virginia, November is the urgent month of action. We are asking Virginians to call their state senator and e-mail them today, to ask them to support the call for a Convention of States. Eight other states have already called for a Convention of States. They are Alabama, Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. Will Virginia become number 9? We are so close!

Last winter the Virginia house passed the call for a Convention of States, however it stalled in the Senate. The state Senate is waiting to hear from their constituents because they are in committees this month reviewing which resolutions they are going to send to the floor for a vote. HJ3 (which is the name in Virginia given to our petition for a Convention of States) must pass out of this committee to the floor! However our Virginia senators need to hear from our constituents! If they don't send HJ3 to the floor for a vote, we have to start all over again in the house. Let's not lose all our hard work!
  • Sign our petition! (Be sure to include your address so that the form actually goes to your senator!) 
  • Phone call your senator! (Be sure to include your address to let them know you are a constituent.)
  • E-mail your senator! (Be sure to include your address to let them know you are a constituent. And go ahead and call both phone numbers!)
  • Yes! Do all three!
Oh, and if you are from another state, you can sign the petition too! 

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