Saturday, September 24, 2016

Convention of States at Historic Occoquan

On Saturday, September 24, my son and I set out to volunteer for the Convention of States booth at the Occoquan Arts and Crafts Festival in Northern Virginia.


The crowds were prodigious! It was a great day! My son was a bit of a last minute add-on. His schedule suddenly opened up and we needed more help for the day so I shot an e-mail to the event organizer to tell her about him and she said to definitely bring him! She said it would be great to have a millennial working at the booth. He first learned about Convention of  (COS) through their scholarship competition in his senior year of high school. Later he learned much more at his college, Patrick Henry College, which was founded by one of the COS founders, Michael Farris. So of course my son had a lot to share about COS!

When we first arrived we hunted for our booth even though our shift was for the last half of the day. We found it and connected with our fearless leaders, telling them about my day at the Williamsburg viewing party for the Convention of States simulation the day before. I have met the greatest people while volunteering for COS. All of the volunteers have been great to talk with, connect to and work with. Then we left to do a bit of exploring, mini-mountain climbing/mystery solving and eating Texan BBQ before taking our turn at the booth.

We had a great afternoon talking to guests about Convention of States and collecting signed petitions. Even though I have struggled with exactly how to articulate the COS at previous events, this day seemed so easy. I knew that was because of having watched the Convention of States simulation in Colonial Williamsburg the day before. Lots of things started to click for me during the viewing. This experience helped me to help the guests when they questioned whether delegates from across America would actually attend, much less work together, at a Convention of States. When I shared that there had just been a simulation in Williamsburg of delegates from each of the 50 states who worked together writing amendments, the tide was turned which motivated many to sign the petition. And that is exactly why the simulation was model to a questioning America exactly what a Convention of States entails. Even though conventions of this nature were common in the 18th century, they are a rather novel concept to us so now we have a recent example to show us exactly what it would look like.

While we were working the booth my Congressman Rob Wittman (federal level) exuberantly walked up to shake my hand and commended me for partaking of my 10th amendment rights. He also assured me that once 2/3's of the states call for a convention he knows what his job stay hands off and allow the process to move through the states. The federal government has nothing to do with this process. Neither does the governor of any of the states.

Then Delegate Richard Anderson (of district 51, state level) walked up.  He agreed to all he had heard Congressman Wittman say and said that we had his full support at the state level.

Wow!!!! What a boost! Meeting them really put a twist on my day, putting new meaning to "we the people."

To learn more about the Convention of States process, read this.

To sign the petition, click here.


  1. How very cool of you AND your son! Nothing is more important at this point in the process than educating our representatives and encouraging their support. What an amazing opportunity for you, and what a great service you both provided in advocating for the Convention of States Project! #COSProject

  2. A great article! For the rest of us, here's what we can do: Check out the website, sign the online petition that goes to your state legislators, and volunteer to help patriots throughout the nation. There are many legislative districts that still need District Captains within states. Take that on whether you live in a particular district or not. There are wonderful Tuesday evening online training calls (9:00 PM Eastern Time; they're also recorded for watching at your convenience) that have been enormously helpful to me. They're informative and inspirational. You're needed on deck!

  3. A great example of a self-governing republic at work! Americans have been taking our liberty for granted for several generations now and are paying the price by seeing our freedoms disintegrate before our eyes. We're realizing that we need to be engaged and educated - and educate the next generation - or the foundational principles that mak\de America what it is will be gone. Thank you for doing your part to presereve America's liberty.

  4. It is all about"We the People and our Children,grandchildren, and many generations to follow. My Grandson spent a half day with me at our Rancho Bernardo Post Office and it was a great moment to teach him the Civics/Government class which is not being taught today. Please join us at We thank you.

  5. Heart warming example of how the effort to have a COS is a true grassroots movement. It's the only way this will get done. I've been involved now for about a year and I set aside time each day to devote to do my part. I enjoy every minute because I feel I'm a part of something historic that can save this Country.

  6. We need to see more like you, involving their children to understand what is happening to this country and steps they can take to help in the cause!!! Great Job!!! The time is NOW...
    Its time WE THE PEOPLE stood up...if not us, then who?........
    The only place you will find a solution as big as the problem? Here... An Article V Convention of States... it may be a long shot, but it also is our only shot to peaceably & constitutionally restore our Constitution....COS Project has 3 SPECIFIC areas for state legislators to focus on:

    (a) Impose fiscal restraints on the Federal Government.
    (b) Limit the power and jurisdiction of the Federal Government.
    (c) Limit the terms of office for federal officials and members of Congress.

    These mechanisms will allow the States to reign in the corrupt political system with term limits and balance budget requirements. 38 states (both houses) are
    required for ratification. Inversely 13 state houses can block any proposal.
    Visit here to learn more, sign the petition, and volunteer:

  7. Thank you to so many of my fellow volunteers from across America who somehow found my blog and left terrific tips as well as words of encouragement!
    On to Victory!!!

  8. What great Patriots you and your family are! It is exciting and heartwarming to see this great grass roots movement in action. With great activists like you, we cannot be stopped. Thanks for sharing your experiences. As a Social Media Warrior for COS, it's nice to see the real warriors on the front lines in action. We the People will not be stopped!

  9. Great work! It's so amazing to see these stories of little and big things that people are doing in their own areas to stop this runaway government and restore liberty for future generations. It's time to get Convention of States done!

  10. Thanks for the great work and inspiration. Keep it up. We need many more like you. This education is vital to restore our freedoms. We the People have to take responsibility and rally support.

  11. I am in favor of the Article V Convention of States Project. Here is why it will work, and why it is safe. One of the few proposed amendments is for term limits. This alone puts We-the-People back in the driver's seat. It also sends the message that, what we accomplish once we can do again. This is an exercise in citizenship. The big government people have been active at it for quite some time. Now it is time for the limited government people to step up and use social media to exert our authority.

    As to why it is safe; the Founders were brilliant when they inserted Article V. It requires a supermajority to propose and ratify new amendments. It only takes half of the legislatures in 13 states to deny ratification. We, limited government folks have enough influence, in enough states to stop any pro government amendments from passing. This is a long game strategy. It is also the only way that we can reign in these out of control faceless bureaucrats. We can put enough pressure on our State legislatures to get this done!
    If not me, who? If not now, when?

    Check it out here:

    Look here to volunteer:

  12. Thank you again for all the comments. We the People definitely includes not only you and me but also families.
    While working at one of the COS booths someone I was talking to told me, "I agree with Convention of States but my wife already voted."
    I told him that I have 2 college aged students who are old enough to vote in elections. Thus in my household, the 4 of us each voted. Each vote counts!

  13. Keep up the great work, you are a true Patriot and your dedication to this country will be read about by future generations as people like you saved the Republic.