Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Autumn Decor and Happy Thanksgiving!

Turns out that my autumn has been just as busy as my summer. Even so I have determined to finally showcase a bit of autumn from my home on the blog on the eve of Thanksgiving. As I prepped my photos for the blog, I realized that many of my busy projects are reflected in my busy-ness of gardening, home decor (after that ceiling got repainted) and then autumn decor.
Autumn is my husband's favorite time of the year and he has dreams that I pull out all the stops. For myself I'm a bit overwhelmed since I'm busy with so many other tasks. However I determined to whittle down 3 boxes of autumn to hopefully 1, or at least 2. I decided to try some new stylings that would take less space. Thus I decided to focus on my favorites, ribbon (easy to store), candles and florals.
Of course florals begin in the front yard. I have agonized for years to establish my mums in the front yard. They were huge our second autumn here, then for various reasons (like new stepping stones) my husband ripped them out to be moved elsewhere. Sadness.  Also they were always getting pruned behind  my back. Oh no! They mustn't be pruned. They are destined for greatness!
I knew just where I wanted them to return. I also promised  my husband that if we didn't prune them they'd be great. As much as he doubted me, he painfully resisted the strong urge to prune them, because they always start blooming in the spring. I assured him they'd be okay if we left them alone.
Finally, my mums did this...

We just loved how they grew so huge and intermingled with the blue plumbago.



My lanterns from Colonial Williamsburg's Merchant Square, purchased years ago for a history presentation (Florence Nightengale), are some of my favorite decor.


This sheaf was also purchased years ago for a history presentation...


Not the best angle to showcase the cornucopia, but I was playing with angles.


This is my favorite ribbon, a changeable silk taffeta...


These candlesticks were free when we purchased some furniture years ago...


A peak at some of my new kitchen decor after the ceiling was painted...which led to deep cleaning the kitchen and throwing away all the old greenery. Did I ever mention that here? That was a huge discussion on facebook! More on that later.



I do not like coffee. At all. Ever. I cannot endure tasting it. I cannot endure smelling it. However...once upon a time I was becoming quite open-minded when a friend served delicious smelling flavored coffees in her home. That led to my searching for some to sample, purchase and taste. I found my favorites at HEB which is the most wonderful grocery store in the San Antonio area. They have delicious and unique food products. (Since moving to Virginia shopping for food has been boring.) HEB sold their own brand of coffee beans, Cafe Ole, in incredible aromas, which I even decided to use in my home decor. Do you see the coffee beans inside the candlevase? I purchased these at HEB when we lived in Texas about 10 years ago. I think this is the vanilla bean flavor.


I love this new lantern with a Colonial Williamsburg feel. More on this later...


More changeable taffeta...



Happy Thanksgiving!

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