Friday, September 2, 2016

Summer Harvest and Cooking...for all that Grilled Steak!

I'm going to try to wrap up my gardening posts for this season by focusing this post completely on the harvest. This year I forgot to take pictures of every single harvest, however my garden didn't yield as much as last years. However I did have a bit more variety. At the end of the day though, the garden suffered much from the heat and lack of rain. This was much of what kept me busy this past summer...the watering! Oh well, hopefully next year will be better. Anyway this is an idea of what we harvested...

The beans were the best! Much better than store bought. And we got our first zucchini. I made several loaves of zucchini bread with this one zucchini.


We had lots of yellow squash this season!  A first!


No, the spaghetti squash was not from  my garden. It was from the commissary. However I had been grilling lots off veggies from our garden and this was my first time to grill spaghetti squash. It was delicious. (I thought I'd slip this one in for free!)


Now if I were more on the ball, I'd have looked up a great way to use the squash blossom in one of my cookbooks. 


I created this warm veggie salad which I fell in love with. Grilled squash, beans and chives (all from the garden) with kalamata olives, creamy feta cheese (which I don't like crumbled but I do like as a creamy cheese) with a lemony dijon mustard olive oil and garlic vinaigrette. We had several of these this summer.


Of course the grilled steak was not from the garden, but I'm a Texan and it paired well with the above salad (yum!) so I had to include it!


Finally a few tomatoes. Tomatoes were scant this year.


My attempt at super healthy cooking (aka fish). I'm no fan of fish, but I'm willing to learn with salmon. The salmon was grilled. The yellow squash from the garden was grilled then tossed with the pasta.


We actually got several jalepeno peppers and one poblano. I think I put the poblano (chopped) into omelettes one night.

Alas, hopefully more rain for a better yield next year!

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