Sunday, October 16, 2016

Oh the Agony of Choosing Paint for the Ceiling...and Why I've Been Absent

Our latest redecorating project was all about fixing problems, like finally painting over a previous homeowner's craft project. We had had a lot of trouble buying a house 7 years ago. Every time we put down an offer or tried to write an offer someone else snatched it up. During those tortuous weeks of waiting for an offer to be accepted (not!) we kept coming back to this house...the house that needed all the work. This house had sat on the  market for 6 months! One reason was because no one wanted to buy a house with flowers stamped on the ceiling. Neither did we. But we finally did. We've done lots of other work on this house, like replacing the old builder grade chandelier with this lovely one. But the painting the ceiling. (groan) So in September my husband said it was time.


Now, what color does that ceiling look like? Sort of white, right? So.......if you were to paint this ceiling, which shade of white would you choose?

We picked up a paint chip of options from the paint store that our builder used 16 years ago. The store said there were no more records on which specific colors had been used, but it was one of these. Hmmm....


We chose a shade from Lowes (to save some money) that matched "White Shadow" in a sample size. That was a good idea because the color was a poor match! 


We thought it was white! Perplexed, I held the paint chips to the ceiling in the best lighting I could find. first guess was the whites on the far right, but those were obviously wrong. What could the correct color be? My husband went back and forth to the store. After two or three samples that were clearly wrong, we tried a different approach. I went to the fb page for our community and did a search for a previous discussion on ceiling paint color and found the recommendation: Cool Platinum (the second color on the far left. They had to be kidding! Dubious, my husband bought more paint, again in a sample size. And they were right! It was nearly a perfect match!


Here's a close-up of "Cool Platinum."


There were other reasons that we were painting our ceiling. Around the corner in the foyer there was a spot where we had disassembled and taken down an old smoke detector that had become useless. That left holes in the ceiling from the screws. Also there were scuff marks in the ceiling. How does someone get scuff marks on a ceiling?

Thus I had to pack up my sewing room (which is housed in the dining room). My husband had drop cloths prepared to hang from the ceiling.


The chandelier had been protected. A primer coat was painted over the flowers.



Yet another reason for the ceiling paint job was because my husband wanted to do some repair work around the window in the dining room. A few years ago Hurricane Sandy leaked through that wall. My husband wanted to take the sheet rock off, take out the old damaged insulation, patch things up and replace everything with new. So lots of dust, repair and painting.






He painted the ceiling the day I was volunteering at the Convention of States booth at the Liberty Farm Festival. Now that the dining room was finished, I reorganized all of my sewing stuff in baskets that I had taken from the library in the basement. I moved out all the table linens from the bottom of the hutch to store my sewing baskets. Thus began my reorganization of the kitchen. I've been busy!



Meanwhile my husband began work on the kitchen ceiling to cover up an old stain from a leak years before we moved in. It's all tight now, since we had a new roof put on last year. Also there are stains from leaks on the other side of the kitchen...and upstairs in the stairwell. So there is lots of ceiling to paint. Not fun.

One day, my husband officially kicked me out of the kitchen...


Time to protect this new chandelier...


Drop cloth and tape in place...


Old stain from previous homeowner now primed...


Old leak from previous homeowner days now fixed and primed...


Repainting the entire ceiling requires pulling out the pot lights so they don't get painted too.




Finis. Now I had to put all the stuff back on top of the cabinets. I really didn't feel like doing that. Besides they were all dusty and the top of the cabinets were all messy, so I started deep cleaning. Then I found a new home for the table linens I took out of the bottom of the china hutch, which meant I had to find a new home for everything. Meanwhile I decided to reorganize all the cabinets to try to fix lots of issues. I honestly don't have room for all of my kitchen stuff. I did some purging and reorganized for better efficiency. Alas, it's still not perfect. Oh the lack of space. Thus, my husband told me he'd build drawers for me that pull out completely for all of the lower cabinets, just like I left in Texas. It will be a while before I get them, but we know that will be a major item to impress future home buyers. (They'll like our newly painted ceiling too!) 


I got rid of some of this stuff. Moved some of it elsewhere. Packed up all the patriotic stuff, and brought out all the autumn stuff. Then I repurposed old autumn decor and put the rest aside for the Salvation Army. The pile for them is growing. 


So that is why I haven't been blogging. I've also reorganized all the files of important paperwork (I did that during the Olympics.) That has been worthwhile because now I can find important papers when we need it. Also all of this reorganizing has us thinking long term to put my sewing room in the basement. Stay tuned!

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  1. Ugh, we have scuffs and such on our ceiling, too! It does make you wonder how that manages to happen! It's great that you've been reorganizing. That can be such a task, especially when one thing leads to another. :)