Sunday, August 28, 2016

Madison, Washington and Tailors at Colonial Williamsburg

Recently we made a trip to Colonial Williamsburg where we got to make two key visits. One was to visit James Madison and George Washington as they discussed political parties...or not. Madison was for them but Washington was against them. After they shared the basics of their viewpoints, they took questions from the audience. My son specifically asked Madison a question which caused Washington to chuckle! Madison's reaction was quite fun, even though my son insists he really wasn't trying to choose sides. I had been hoping to see this program for quite some time so I was glad that we finally did! It was really fun watching them engage with each other and field questions.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, and a major injury for me, lunch was enormously late. I had suggested a new picnic spot at what I had dubbed Merry Mount. My husband needed to park the van, moving it from the museum to  the visitor center. My husband agreed to meet us at Merry Mount after I gave him general directions. I carefully walked over with the kids and relaxed in the cool breezy shade. With great humor we watched my husband attempt to find us. I had no idea we were so well hidden. The sheep certainly knew where we were, and we were discovered by the shepherdess. Ah, at last he found us. Then we explored only small parts of the town due to my injury.

I couldn't wait to go to the tailor's new shop at the other end of Duke of Gloucester Street from the Margaret Hunter Shop which they had previously shared with the milliners. Moving day was quite a bit of fun on facebook. Here is video #1 and video #2.

At last we got to visit in person!

This is the back room...




...and the front room! The speaker was wonderful!







Looking forward to seeing all the newest projects!

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