Sunday, August 31, 2014

Article V Convention of States Debate with Michael Farris and Bob Marshall

One day I came across news that Michael Farris was going to be in a debate at my daughter's college. We had to go!!!! Why? Well, I had been following Michael Farris for years, since my kids were babies. As homeschoolers we were part of HSLDA, which he co-founded. Furthermore, just the week before we had moved my son into the college Michael Farris had founded, Patrick Henry College.

Michael Farris and Patrick Henry College were both renown for debate success. I wanted to see him in action for myself. Also I wanted to wrap my brain a bit more around Article V. So on August 28, 2014, my husband and daughter and I went to Northern Virginia Community College to see Michael Farris debate Bob Marshall on Article V Convention of States, which was hosted by the  Manassas Tea Party.

2014-8-28 COS Debate-a

We know who Bob Marshall was until after we got there. We learned that he was one of Virginia's state representatives. (We had recently moved to Virginia from Texas so we are still learning all the local representatives. He's not in our district.) The debate was moderated by Ken Cuccinelli. We did know a little bit about Cuccinelli. My son used to mow the grass for the neighbor next door. One day the neighbor asked my son to mow the grass by a certain time, because an important person for an important event would be coming to his house. Later in the 2013 governor's race, my son said the guy named Cuccinelli was the important person that he had mowed the grass for. So.....we were excited to see Ken Cuccinelli in action too! Sadly, we never realized he was our Attorney General of Virginia from 2010-2014. He was a most worthy attorney general too. At least now we were working on getting more educated. It had been years, since Texas, since we had attended any sort of political event.   

2014-8-28 COS Debate-b

Going into this I had no idea what in the world they were going to debate in regards to Article V.  Thus, we learned a  lot that night. We learned that Marshall and Farris are friends who work together in agreement on many things. However Article V Convention of States was one item upon which they disagreed. Marshall took the "against" position and Farris took the "for" position.

Guess what! Convention of States posted the debate on youtube here

I enjoyed the debate! Unlike the ones we see on television, this debate was quite professional and respectful. Also I came to the conclusion that I agreed with Michael Farris that we need to call an Article V Convention of States.

Our Founding Fathers knew that the people of America might one day face a tyrannical federal government. Thus they provided Article V in the Constitution for the people to have a voice in their state governments to call for a Convention of States, to rein in an out of control federal government. Many states, like Virginia, are now seeking citizens to sign their state petition to convince their state representatives to call a Convention of States. You can sign the petition and learn more at By the way, Convention of States is non-partisan. I know people on opposite sides of the political theory from me, yet they too have decided to sign their state's petition. 

When we visited my son at his college (the one that Michael Farris had founded) we told him we had seen Michael Farris debate at his sister's college. My son was incredulous and couldn't imagine why. My son had learned about the Convention of States earlier this year for a scholarship contest.  While we voted for his entry, we started following the COS facebook page and have been learning about this important part that citizens can use to effect change, as provided by our Founding Fathers.

Of course my son gets even more input now that he's at PHC. In fact during orientation got a Convention of States travel mug!

Oh...and I also learned that Michael Farris is an incredible debater!  We've become fans of Cuccinelli too!  

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