Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day BBQ

I miss Texas BBQ. Thankfully we have found the best Texas BBQ at Smokin Willy in Purcellville, Virginia. Meanwhile I am trying to bring the flavors of Texas to my kitchen...translated as, I am working towards improving my cooking technique. I've learned that cooking is more than following a recipe. It's knowing the fire. The heat source. The ingredients. The tools. The dynamics of how they interact on any given day, with the variables of weather, humidity and pressure systems, is the key. The recipe is the guideline, but the proof is in the pudding, or BBQ, or whatever we are cooking.

Thus a few photos of my research last night.

Grilling sweet potatoes and purple onions for potato salad...


The brisket which I took off a bit too soon because we were all too anxious to eat those tantalizing smells!


Save the drippings for BBQ sauce!


My Texas Toast with a twist...I brushed melted butter on sourdough bread that had been rubbed with garlic, and topped with cilantro. Next time I'll make a cilantro garlic parmesan butter to spread on top. (Noting it here for future reference, since I keep losing my little slips of paper full of ideas.)


Sweet potato salad with cilantro and lemon vinaigrette.

One fig from our garden (more to come) that I sliced. Delicious when placed on top of the Texas Toast! That was my daughter's idea! Borracho beans, brisket with BBQ sauce, sweet potato salad. Dessert was easy...I got a chocolate satin pie from Marie Callender!


Dinner was tasty, but my mind is already gearing towards new ideas.


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