Saturday, August 13, 2016

Becoming a Little Bit of a Patrick Henry, the Convention of States and the Prince William County Fair

I first heard of the Convention of States a couple of years ago when my son entered a contest with them in his senior year of homeschool. Then I attended a debate where one of the coordinators, Michael Farris, took the FOR position in the most organized and respectful debate I've ever imagined. I wrote about that here.  A video of the debate is included at the link.

Then last spring I heard Michael Farris talk about Convention of States at two different events I attended. The first was a Constitutional Literacy seminar and the other was at The Unity Summit. Wow! I was coming to a deeper understanding of Convention of States more and more. You can see Farris talking about Convention of States here and here.

All this caused me to consider my possible role in our country. Learning about our Founding Fathers and America has always been a passion for me ever since I was a little girl. Likewise teaching about our Founding Fathers and America has been a passion for me. I even started sewing and wearing historical clothing because of it! One of my favorite people in history is Patrick Henry who never hesitated to take a stand. I'm not as vocal and I'm certainly not as fiery as this great statesman. However, perhaps I could become a little bit like him by educating and sharing with others about Convention of States by volunteering for them. I want my children and grandchildren to enjoy the same freedoms I had growing up...and more! I keep hearing how others want the same for their children and grandchildren. I am at the Prince William County Fair, helping at the Convention of States booth. That's our fearless leader in the back. He's our grassroots coordinator for Northern Virginia and he is fabulous! Wow! It was great meeting him and the others who worked with us. Listening to them articulate what's happening today was thrilling! They really fired up my passion and I'm so glad to have a support network that they provide.

The team did a great job putting our booth together too! We all thought it was the best booth at the fair! Behind me was one of two monitors that was constantly running with interesting videos about the Convention of States. I'm sure that many of the videos that ran are catalogued on this page.

On the opposite table we had a laptop with wifi connection. Yea! We had it set to the petition page at the Convention of States website, which anyone could sign right then and there. That kicks off an e-mail to the signer's state rep to ask them to call for a Convention of States. Easy schmeasy! That was a hit! You can sign the same page here!

COS pin

The latest news is that there is going to be a Convention of States simulation in Colonial Williamsburg in September, which is pretty cool since many of our Founding Fathers were once burgesses in Williamsburg before the American Revolution! You can see excellent videos about it here, here and here! How exciting! I've learned much, not only from Michael Farris over the years but also from the interpreters (many of whom are seen in these excellent videos). What an exciting moment to create history where history was made! What a thrill to discuss Convention of States at the same place where Patrick Henry gave his Caesar/Brutus speech! The Founding Fathers not only experienced tyranny themselves, but they remembered the history of tyrannical governments of the past. Thus they fully expected tyranny could possibly descend once again. That is why, during the writing of the Constitution, they wrote Article V which gives the people the opportunity to reign in tyranny by calling for a Convention of States through their state governments. Some duties are for the federal government, but federal over reach is currently taking power away from the states.

Meanwhile, I will be again volunteering at the Convention of States booth at the Liberty Farm Festival next month. If you'd like to become a volunteer in your state, simply do what I did. I filled out a form here.  If quiet me can do this, the gal who's not quite sure how to start a conversation can do this, then so can you! =) The support network is great! That is what grassroots is all about! =)   

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