Friday, July 1, 2016

A July Thunderstorm

While working on more complex blog posts I thought I'd take a break to do a quick one from the past, the evening of July 1!  After having cleaned the kitchen I saw this from my window! Wow! It was so stunning that I called my son, who happened to be home. I knew he'd want to join me on a walk with his own camera for a photo shoot of this spectacular storm! I quickly took this one from the deck.

July 1, 2016d

By the time we got out front, I ran around the side of the house to get this angle. The storm kept growing and rapidly changing. Then we hurriedly walked to the nearby school where my son was certain we'd get the best view, what with all the tall trees in the neighborhood. 

July 1, 2016c

By the time we got to the school's playground, the storm had a nicely formed anvil cloud developing. We stood for the longest time at the playground, watching the cloud billow and grow.

July 1, 2016b

Here's a perspective shot.

July 1, 2016a

When the sun set, we walked through our favorite paths to see all the fireflies. This is my favorite part of summer. (sigh) I'm sad to see the waning days of summer, now that September is here.

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