Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Bit of Americana in my Home

I love the Fourth of July! I start bringing out my patriotic collections for Memorial Day and keep them up through the end of summer. Throughout the year I try to collect bits and pieces as I can. Sometimes the bits and pieces are merely that, a bit of something I like in this store, but yet I have no vision of what it could be. That is often placed in a large box that contains other bits and pieces I've collected. This year I determined I had enough bits ad pieces to rescue them from their boxes and create something.

This also helps the budget by buying a little something that I totally love here and there instead of everything at once, and then often conceding with an "eh" piece just to fulfill a checklist. I'd much rather have a bit of simplicity while waiting for that wow. Never know where they may be found. It's simply part of the adventure.

This afternoon I whipped up this wreath. The grapevine wreath was purchased in Texas, the flags my family collected from merely having been present at various patriotic  events in Texas (where these were given to each of us), and the ribbon I bought years ago. I loved it but had no vision for it. Recently I got the idea to collect these pieces and just put a simple wreath together. 


I've had this patriotic basket for years because I fell in love with it on sight. However, there was no vision for this either. Recently I've been spring cleaning and I've collected all my assortments of silk flowers that I laid as a group in a pile in the basement. I decided to put this batch of flowers into the basket, simply arranging them as if I'd been cutting them in the garden.


The last of the ribbon I thought I'd try on my candlesticks...


I always try to do red, white and blue in flowers for my entryway.


My purchased garden flag near the entryway.


Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson are always debating singing on my piano...but they fit the patriotic theme as well.


My star collection on each end of the mantle here...

...and there with a reproduction pitcher purchased at a Colonial Williamsburg auction!

These Americana boxes I've collected at cute shops in Texas, one at a time. They store swim passes, stamps, and various other misc bits and bobs.

I love these place mats. They get used through the summer then tossed in the washing machine. I tried to undo the wrinkle for a better photo but alas...


More stars in  my basement...


I made a waving flag quilt last summer but I gave that to my parents for a gift, because they are highly patriotic and keep up with all the current events, more than many people I know. Also this the only item they have that I have made. I am looking forward to collecting and making more Americana items for my favorite time of year!


Finally we can't forget my patriotic readings collection. These are Ideals publications. The top publication is a special patriotic edition, but the others are the Country publications which were seasonal to each summer. Within are gorgeous photos of America, poems, and other readings related to summer and to patriotism. Ideals used to publish different seasonal volumes throughout the year, which I usually rotate with the seasons in my own home. My family pick these up to choose a reading (or two or three or more) to share on the Fourth of July!

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