Thursday, June 2, 2016

I'm on the the Eric Metaxas Booklaunch Team for If You Can Keep It!

It's here!


The tale begins with the thrilling news I received last week that I'm on the Eric Metaxas book launch team for his newest book, If You Can Keep It. (That's supposed to be a "if you can keep it" pose.)


One might think I am thrilled because this means I get to read another book and talk about it. That is true. Others might think I am thrilled because this is about a topic that I blog about often. That is true, too. Yet others might think it's because this is an Eric Metaxas book. That is true as well. I've been a huge fan of Eric Metaxas, even before I knew who he was. (Do I hear the Veggie Tales tune in the background?)

I'm also familiar with Metaxas through his other venues: Squanto, Breakpoint, William Wilberforce, and Deitrich Bonhoeffer.

So of course I'm thrilled to not only add another Metaxas book, If You Can Keep It, to my personal library, and to learn more about liberty, but to also be part of his booklaunch team. Therefore you'll be reading lots of bits and pieces on If You Can Keep It as I read the book! I've already been reading, annotating and tweeting about the book. (Keep up with my tweets here.) More blog posts are forthcoming especially since I've already written many posts on the same topics, and I've even met some of the historical people Metaxas has written about! So stay tuned for more!

Here are my posts:
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I got to Meet Eric Metaxas when he Autographed my Copy of If You Can Keep It!

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