Monday, May 30, 2016

Texas BBQ from a Virginia Deck

My son surprised me with these pictures from our Memorial Day BBQ. Ever since moving to Virginia we have been hungry for the flavors that we miss from Texas, like smoked brisket. First off, it's quite difficult to find brisket up here. Then when it's found, it's sadly twice as expensive as in Texas, so we only get half as much. That is heartbreaking because it doesn't last long, barely two meals, especially for all the cooking  smoking. I never did finesse the smoking of brisket while in Texas because we were in Texas! We always had great places to go for that great Texas flavor. Since moving here to Virginia, I have begun a quest to figure it out. Each year I come a bit closer. The secret is long and slow smoking, which is difficult, since I don't have a smoker or real BBQ pit. I do have a gas grill on our back deck which I labor to keep to a low enough temp without going too low.


I kept dessert easy with these floats.


We also had grilled sweet corn. That is something we cannot get in Texas!

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