Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Me Made May 2016-The Evidence

I have to laugh at the title, which is obviously a result of my having recently served jury duty! And I can say that I wore my homemade blue jeans to jury duty with nice (store bought) blouses each day. However that was April, not May, so that evidence is not adbmissible.

After much thought I decided that to organize the photo collection of my Me Made May pledge, and to streamline participation in the group, I'd use one page (this one) for all documentation. Each photo will be linked to sewing details. As I add to this throughout the month, I will change the date of publication so that it will bump up in the queue of posts.

May 1

My daughter wore this retro jumper to church that I sewed for her a few years ago. (Sewing details at the link._

May 1a

I wore my microsuede black pants with this cheerful jacket to church this morning. (Sewing details at the link.)


I wore my refashioned wool coat on this cold and rainy morning. (Sewing details at the link.)


For dinner prep I borrowed my daughter's apron that I sewed a few years ago. (Sewing details at the link.)


May 2

My daughter often wears the blouses I have sewn for her to college. Today she wore her pink and white blouse, that has silver threads running through it. It was such a lovely sunny spring day to wear it. (Sewing details at the link.)

May 2

May 3-While running errands today I wore blue jeans and a blouse that I have sewn. I sewed the blouse before blogging days and sadly no longer have the pattern. It was so quick and simple to sew. I'm not too keen on collars because they are not always comfortable around my neck (most likely due to my need to learn more sewing skills). Details on sewing the blue jeans at the link. 

May 3

May 4

I wore the blue jeans I had sewn to move my son home from college today. In the photo I'm assessing the laundry, where this quilt I had sewn for my son is destined. Sewing details at the links.

May 4

May 5

Today my daughter wore this blouse while working on final papers for college. Sewing details at the link.


May 6

Today my daughter wore her blouse to campus. Turns out I haven't yet done a post to feature it. It was my first try at the pattern and ran into a few fitting issues, hence the tank underneath which really cutens it up! Sewing details for a similar blouse, same pattern, at the link.


Meanwhile I wore my blue  jeans and 100% wool sweater to stay warm on this cold and drizzly day while I ran errands! Sewing details at the link.


May 8

My daughter wore a blouse I sewed for her, which I haven't yet documented  but is based on this pattern.  The fabric came from her first 18th century gown.

Again, I wore my blue jeans! (Details at the link.) It's been so cold this month my blue jeans have been my primary go-to this month.  


Stay tuned for the rest of May when I will bump this up with additional evidence of Me Made May wearables!

Well, we have come to the end of May and I ran out of photos. Actually I got a new camera, my laptop upgraded to Wiindows 10 and life was busy. That was a few too many curves for me to keep up with photo ops, especially when it's difficult to find a photographer. However my daughter and I did meet our goals, and wore clothing that I had sewn throughout the month.
The sewing goals, however, were not met. The second weekend I tried to whip up a pair of shorts...which led to several muslins/toiles to try to get the right fit. That's as far as I got.  I felt a bit defeated this month so we'll see how it goes next year. Why defeated? I have gained weight, not where I need it but in my tummy, hips and thighs. However I have new inspiration to sew this summer for this new pear shaped (that I am aggressively working off, and therefore becoming healthier!) The beauty of that is I will still be able to wear these particular styles when I slim down so will be quite versatile. Stay tuned for that!
Also I learned that I need more "memade" winter attire. May was especially cold so my winter attire became quite redundant. I do have the patterns...
Additionally I realized I need to bite the bullet and pull out all those gorgeous blouse patterns I've been accumulating and make my own blouses!!!
So we'll see what next May brings!

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  1. How fascinating that you were serving jury duty. I hope that the experience wasn't too stressful or disruptive to your life.

    Great makes to share with us. I especially like the blue denim pants in the last photo. The width on them would make them a pair that I'd happily sport, too (most skinny jeans look atrocious on me and besides, I just prefer the look of wider leg styles).

    Wishing you a beautiful, fun filled month of May,
    ♥ Jessica