Friday, May 6, 2016

May Flowers in Northern Virginia

May was a month where most days had rain. I didn't mind that at all because we badly needed the rain. April had been a month that was quite dry, which is atypical for Northern Virginia.

In April I had done most of my weeding, which was quite a bit of work, in preparation for new plantings and the transfer of old plants. My goal had been to have everything in the garden done by the end of the month, before my son came home from college. I knew May would be a busy month. The rain, and unseasonably cold weather, kept that goal at bay.


The alium was my newest plant for the season. When it came up I had absolutely no idea what it was, until I saw a group of them at my son's college. I had forgotten I had bought a bulb last autumn to plant for this spring. I hope to get a couple more.


Last week the sun came out to stay and it was enormously warm (much too warm). It was feeling like Texas! That part of Texas I don't miss. I was missing the rain, however I was glad to have finally hung up my winter coat. The garden needed to be reweeded and plantings moved. The lavender spring phlox (seen in the background of the above photo) has now been moved towards the front so we can actually see it from the road. 


You can just see the peony buds peaking over the tops of the irises. The irises are now done blooming, so we dug them up to replant in other places. In their place we planted azaleas.

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