Friday, May 6, 2016

It's All in the Little Details to Surprise my Son-A Quick Closet Remodel

When we moved into our Virginia house, it was a mess. The walls were filthy with odd paint colors. Most of the walls were white with grey/purple undertones, topped off with dirt. The closets were the worst, especially my son's closet. However the problem with having older kids (lol) is that they beat you to unpacking their room. so I didn't get a chance to paint his closet. Then I was so busy painting other walls, finishing homeschool with junior high/high school kids, etc, etc, etc, that his closet never got repainted. While he was away at college I decided that this was my moment! I cleaned everything out of his closet by sorting and storing everything by category (which was no small feat) in boxes for his perusal and spring clean out when he came home from college (another daunting task but at this point necessary to weed out young boy to collegiate guy). They are all stored in the basement.  


Then I took down the mirror on the closet door and the clothes rack in the closet. We already had white paint from other closets, namely the pantry and the master bedroom closet.   


Holes from the mirror were left in the door, which were filled and made smooth, then the closet doors were repainted.


And here is the contrast between nice clean freshly painted white on the back wall (left) and the grey/green/purple/white wall full of dirt and messy markings on the right. Oh wait, you can't see the markings?


I had difficulty getting my camera to focus, but here are some crayon  markings that are easily seen. Truly the walls were messy, mostly at the bottom (as seen here) and up at the shelf level. Oh, and then there were  markings at the very top of the 9' walls. A little boy (previous family) used to live in this room. How did he get all the way up there? I don't think any parent really wants to know.


After painting all the walls, I scrubbed down the rack which was a bit icky sticky. What in the world did the previous homeowner have on these racks to do that? 


Well, I never got a photo of the final clean closet, but it's easily imaginable (and difficult for my camera to focus on.) However I just ran up and took photos of the mirror which we placed on the back of the bedroom door at a height more conducible to a college guy, which makes far more sense than in the closet because...


...I bought two over-the-door racks for each of his closet doors. Space is such a premium for him, this will give him lots more space!


Now my son has lots of shelf space (since I took all his younger guy stuff to the basement) and when he got home from college he helped me weed out a small pile I had set aside for immediate discard confirmation, things he definitely no longer uses. Now he has a place for all his college bedding, etc, etc, etc, that sort of sat and squished into tight corners last year.

My daughter's closet isn't nearly as dirty, however there are some markings and I still have paint just sitting around in the garage. I will paint her closet between college terms later this summer.

So anyway, my son came home from college and found all of this done, which was good for him. He doesn't even remember what used to be in his closet! lol Maybe purging this time will be easier than I thought!

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