Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Panda at the National Zoo


In hopes of seeing the new baby panda, we made our first trip to the National Zoo. I was so excited because I had heard so many great things about it, but we were quite disappointed, over all. Where were all the animals? What was up with all the cages? We arrived first thing in the morning, it wasn't too hot, but many of the enclosures were empty. No baby panda was too be found. The enclosures looked really messy.
Also photo opportunities were a pain because of all the netting, caging, messy enclosures, etc that stood between us and the animals. Oh well, at least we have great memories of seeing lots of animals in San Antonio which have open views of animals in fascinating settings! I had  my brand new camera with me but was so disappointed in the lack of quality for great photography, I nixed the camera usage. I did take one panda photo on my cell phone to send to facebook. That didn't garner as much attention as I thought it would. lol
My son, however, took photos of everything...even inside the reptile house. The reptile house??? Really? I couldn't even bring myself to go in there. I asked him about all the animals he liked but he said it wasn't that he was really all that keen on all the animals, as he was more interested in experimenting with his own camera. I still haven't seen his zoo photos. He's been posting other stuff to facebook.  
I did a bit of research when we came home and confirmed our suspicions. The National Zoo has animals representing 300 species whereas the San Antonio Zoo has a whopping 750 species!
It was interesting to see pandas at the National Zoo, although the baby wasn't available that morning. The other 3 pandas were all spread out, almost as if they were introverts and wanted their own space. We did get to see one panda rather up close eating lots of bamboo on the other side of nasty, icky, smeary glass. Between the smears and the glare it was difficult to get a great photo. But that panda was cute to watch! The others were sleeping.
Bears are a favorite of mine. There are all kinds of bears at the San Antonio Zoo. Did you know that there are koalas at the San Antonio Zoo? And lots of other fun animals!!! Oh the fantabulous memories I have! Someday I'll have to upload all the photos of the San Antonio Zoo photos, but for now, I do have this glimpse of the San Antonio Zoo from when I started blogging. Oh, and I had to laugh. I have a similar description of my son  taking gobs of photos in 2008...even at the reptile house. I  just read that bit from 2008 to my son and he was laughing. Nope. He hasn't changed much!
I also did quite a bit of googling for information on the baby panda. Sadly I found very little at the zoo, but I did find cute videos at many other spots on the Mei Xang (the mama panda) helping Bei Bei (the baby panda) learn how to climb a tree for the first time! Wish we could have seen *that* in person!  
At the end of the day, our favorite animal at the National Zoo was the otter! My son probably took more photos of him than any other animal. The otter was absolutely his favorite, and ours as well. Otter, otter, otter!!!!

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