Monday, May 9, 2016

A New Camera for Mother's Day new camera! I took this in a dark area of the living room. This is a huge improvement from my previous camera!


Sadly, my old Kodak Z1015 IS camera petered out the other day, or to be more precise, it petered out at an unknown moment in my past.


In vain I have struggled to take a finessed focused shot of close-up views of everything important in matters of detail, from lovely garden florals to precision sewing stitches. I'm usually too busy to do more than simply wait for a new day of sunshine to try to take a better photo, and even that didn't always work, but last week I was determined, at dusk, to conquer. That is when I realized that my automatic setting was no longer choosing the floral (close-up) mode or the mountain (distance) mode correctly. I was surprised to see that the opposite of what was needed was automatically chosen. Nor could I choose them by the push of the button like I used to once upon a time.

At that moment I borrowed my daughter's Canon Power Shot Elph 160. I was surprised at how perfectly it took pictures.

I located a Canon Power Shot Elph 360 that had the most desirable options, including some I cared nothing for (the wi-fi). As much as I deeply miss even more options (manual settings, for example) and as much as I miss having some substance to hold on to (size), I chose the tiny Canon for my new camera.


I hope I don't break it!


It feels so fragile, especially when I open the little compartment for the memory card and battery.

I'm still trying to figure it out. However my battery ran out of power so it is currently re-charging...which means I have time to announce its arrival! Hopefully I will soon have stunning photos to post.

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