Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sewing a Peasant Blouse for my Daughter-New Look 0154

Even though my daughter's birthday budget was taken up with her new desk which she received a week early, I still wanted her to have a few surprises to open on her special day. I remembered a certain piece of fabric that we had purchased a few years ago that she had liked and specifically requested for a blouse. I've been so busy with so many things that the blouse had never been made. Now was the time and would be the perfect surprise. I dug through the patterns and found one of her favorites, New Look 0154.


I had enough fabric to sew the version with long sleeves.


Here are some inside shots to show a bit of courture sewing. defined by expert Susan Khalje..."Couture is much more an attitude or approach to sewing than a specific technique." (Craftsy source)

Some important aspects of couture sewing is finishing off the seams. This isn't about being pretty, but about keeping the seams from raveling. This isn't always pretty. It's about being quick and efficient. Most important is that the seam itself is neat and strong. The goal is to ensure that the outside looks great, to ensure that the construction is sturdy, which allows for quick work on the inside to prevent raveling of the edges.  Personally I'm not keen on keeping the 5/8" seam allowance which shows through the fabric. That looks very cheaply homemade to me. I do not have a serger, but I recreate the look in 3 steps. I sew the seam. Then I cut off the excess seam allowance by hand. Then I stitch the two layers of seam allowance in one zig zag. So far I'm liking this look over all from the outside.

Although couture work is known for handsewing, these days couture houses do employ sewing machines to reduce expense for customers. (p44, Couture Sewing Techniques, Claire B. Shaeffer)



I also amended the pattern a bit. Instead of incorporating the keyhole design in the front neckline, I closed it in. Therefore I laid the front of the pattern on the fold since I no longer needed a seamline in the center front.

She wore this to campus the first chance she had!


When I posted pictures on my personal fb page, my cousin posted a picture of her blouse that she had just sewn from the same fabric! 

Stay tuned for birthday blouse #2 made from fabric scraps...

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