Saturday, April 30, 2016

Refashioning a Winter Wool Coat

This past autumn I searched high and low for a natural fiber coat to keep me warm in bitterly cold wintry Virginia.  I was elated to find a 100% wool coat at the thrift store for $25!


The buttons were quite plain, so I decided to switch them out for a snazzier look!


I also added a festive pin which has been sitting in my jewelry box for years.


It's difficult to capture black on black, but I know the difference and I like it a lot!


Editor's Note: I finally got a picture of me wearing this coat on May 1!


I happened to wear this coat to the theater when we went to see Star Wars last January. It was an especially cold and windy day with a hint of snow in the air, so I wore the hood over my head as we entered. I paused and remarked that I must look like a Jedi Knight. I didn't plan it but it was certainly funny when we thought about it! I guess I should take a profile and back shot one of these days. Stay tuned!



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