Monday, April 25, 2016

Black Rayon Shorts for Me-Butterick 5358

Years ago I needed new shorts so last May I finally determined to figure out a shorts pattern that I actually like and sew some shorts to wear from one of the many fabrics that had been sitting in the stash. I used to have a shorts pattern I liked a lot from the 80's. It merely opened at the side where the pocket is, and secured with hooks or a button in the waistband. They were the best fit that I have ever worn. However silly me tossed them in the garbage because in the 90's I was thinking they were old fashioned and I had to use a new style pattern. So the 80's pattern was tossed. None of the 90's patterns that I bought worked well for me. Since them I have decided to ignore "the rules" and sew fro my heart.

A few years I bought some old patterns at an antique store in Vermont. McCalls 7005 is one of them, and I *think* that the pattern works like my old 80's pattern. After all, the style of McCalls 7005 is quite similar to the 80's. However this photo is not about McCalls 7005. It was actually my "look at all my fabric for shorts that have been sitting in the stash and might possibly work with these 2 shorts patterns that I want to try" photo. However I will be able to feature that one soon because I've already used the pattern and it does indeed work the way my old favorites did once upon a time.


Butterick 5358 was purchased when I dug around a pattern bin. I wondered what was in the "empty" bins and I found discontinued patterns...many of which I purchased! I love this pattern. However it is too large for me. Actually the McCalls pattern is a size too small for me and the Butterick pattern is a size too large. Two patterns I love but what a challenge either way I go. Of course silly me did not make a muslin first. Instead I dug into the black rayon fabric, which has gorgeous softness and drape, and cut Butterick 5358 in the smallest size that I could. My resulting shorts were HUGE! (Now that I know I've gained a bit of weight this year, this pattern might now be perfect. I tend to creep up and then creep down in weight, so options are good.) These patterns are  keepers!


I loved the fabric so much, that I agonizingly and oh so carefully ripped out all the seams...then I oh so carefully cut them down to a smaller size. I left them attached at the crotch. These shorts have an elastic waistband. (By the way, this fabric was also used for the bow in my black and white polka dot 1940's dress.)


This was the result! My blouse that I had purchased on clearance from Dress Barn a few years ago had been hanging in my closet unworn, but finally it had a  mate so that I could wear it last summer. 

May 24 Arlington


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