Thursday, April 28, 2016

Black Microsuede Pants for Almost Any Occasion-McCalls 4574

One of my favorite patterns is McCalls 4574. This is a pattern for the skirts and pants, not the blouses. I've made each skirt years ago, but my "go to" pattern for pants for myself and my daughter is always this pattern! I love how they are not baggy with gobs of fitting ease  like so many of today's patterns. I love the slimness of the line as the pants taper near the ankle. I like the elastic waistband because my waistline is always changing, a size up and then a size down. When my daughter outgrew little girl patterns we went crazy finding any decent pants in the store. I decided to whip up a pair of these for good. For each of us I used a dark microsuede in a neutral color to allow for versatility. The microsuede seams do not need to be finished off because the fabric doesn't ravel. Microsuede looks quite luxurious so these pants have worked for every major winter event to keep our legs warm in the cold weather, whether we were attending church, numerous Christmas parties, and even the Nutcracker Ballet. I often wear my glitzy blouse with these during the holidays. Simply mix things up with a different blouse, blazer or sweater and we have a simple versatile wardrobe. These pants last for years! The look is classic so it's always in style! Of course other fabrics would work too for a more dressed down look. The variations are limitless. I have a problem of trying various looks because I tend to get stuck on my favorite look. So that will be one of my personal try other fabrics for other looks and see how it goes!


I wear this combination to church on chilly days. I even wore this combination to a Constitutional Law conference I attended that happened to be at my son's college. How I wish I had thought of having a photo taken with my son as I joined him for lunch that day, because he was looking sharp in coordinating colors with his red, white and blue tie, white (or was it light blue) shirt, khaki pants (or was it dark blue) and dark blue blazer. Then that afternoon I picked my daughter up at college and she was wearing her version of these pants, also in black, along with a white dress blouse and her own red blazer (cotton eyelet from Dress Barn that I got on sale a few years ago). I'm going to ask my kids to repeat their patriotic attire for Memorial Day weekend so we can have some sharp photos taken! Meanwhile I'll have to hunt through my old snapshots for other versions of wearing these pants, especially with my Christmas sweater. Anyway, these are indeed versatile and quick to sew, taking only a few hours.


Here are some variations of how my daughter wears her microsuede pants to field placements in college:



While hunting through all the digital photos that I have copies of, I found this fun series of photos that my son took of us a few years ago. I suggested a fun set of photos instead of our usual "properly pose for the camera" versions. My son took f-o-r-e-v-e-r setting up the camera for these shots so we allowed our boredom to make the most of the moments for funny memories! Anyway...even though I wore blue jeans (I think I was tired from a busy day of baking) my daughter wore her black microsuede pants! You can see more of the cut of the tapered pants in the various ways she held her legs and feet! I really love it! The pants and her shoes are so classic! By the way she is also wearing her all time favorite winter sweater, red with a bit of glitter which she's had for years and refuses to give up!







I thought it would be fun to share some funny photos while showcasing the cut of these pants, which I love! My daughter seems happy with them too!


  1. It's always great to have a 'go to' pattern, and I love your family photos!

    1. Thank you! These are some of my favorite family photos! =)