Monday, April 18, 2016

Black Linen Skirt with Turquoise Embroidery for Me-McCalls 6879

A few years ago I found a gorgeous black linen fabric with turquoise embroidered flowers at Hancock. I bought a few yards not knowing what to sew with the fabric. Finally two years ago I pulled out this pattern, McCalls 6879, to make skirt view A.


I finally took pictures after having worn it and mending a rip in the back (how embarrassing but I don't think anyone noticed. Thankful for black slips!) Front view...


While mending the rip, I reinforced the back seam with my triple stitch on my Pfaff.


Inside details:

This linen ravels prodigiously so I definitely used a zigzag stitch to overcast the exposed edges.


I made tiny handstitches to secure the waistband. Also shown are darts in the waistband from the inside.


It doesn't look like it but I think I handpicked this zipper. I'll have to double check that and report back. Update...those are indeed basting stitches. I never noticed that before I saw this picture. I have picked them out and made tiny pick stitches instead. However I recently read an article from Threads magazine by the famous Claire Shaeffer who teaches and writes about couture sewing. It's about the myths of sewing and one of them is about a handpicked zipper. She says it should actually be done with a running stitch. Hmm...not sure I understand that. The handpicked zippers have worked well for me so far and I've been doing them for 27 years.

I also made a thread loop for the hook.

Last Mother's Day my daughter and I had our photo taken for Me Made May with us wearing our matching skirts (her idea!).

May 10 Mother's Day

While I was cutting out my skirt my daughter walked by and started drooling over my fabric. I laughed and told her I had enough for a skirt for that's how I solved the excess fabric dilemma! I used a different pattern for hers. More on that tomorrow.

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