Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Serviceable Black Wool Skirt for Winter Warmth-Butterick 4136

Winters are a difficult time for me because I get cold so easily. Since moving to Northern Virginia from Texas I have found the longer and colder winters nearly unbearable. However during an 18th century sewing class that I took at Colonial Williamsburg, I learned the benefits of wearing natural fiber fabrics. Natural fiber breathes, which allows one to be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. My contemporary self decided to take this 18th century advice. Even all of the stores are full of synthetic fibers on the rack, I know how to sew! I am free to peruse the 100% wool section, small as it is, at Jo-Ann Fabrics. I settled on a thin 100% wool with a lovely drape. I decided to use Butterick 4136 for my pattern.   

Butterick 4136

Because it is wool it doesn't ravel. Therefore I did not finish off any inside seams. I didn't even finish off the hem. The hem is simply the edge of the wool fabric. I might change my mind on this. However I don't know the best way to hem the wool since that would create quite a bit of bulk, even with the thin wool. The side zipper is handpicked. The waistband facing is tacked down by hand with a variation on the catchstitch. I didn't take any close up photos since nothing would have been seen with all the black.  


I enjoy pairing my wool skirt with a 100% wool sweater that I purchased at an alpaca store. It is sooooo soft. Shortly after I purchased this sweater, I found a similar one at a famous clothing store where it was much cheaper. Feeling cheated on the price, I reached out to touch it. It felt horribly stiff and uncomfortable. I love my alpaca sweater!


And yes, this outfit keeps me warm! I usually pair this with boots in the winter but I just took a quick photo today to complete this work-in-progress post, even though I sewed this a few years ago.

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