Sunday, April 3, 2016

Orange and Pink Floral Blouse for my Daughter-Simplicity 3504

For another birthday blouse for my daughter I finished sewing a blouse I had started last autumn but sadly ended up in my sewing basket. The fabric was left over from sewing one of my dresses a few years ago.

I was able to eak out this blouse from all that left over fabric! I used Simplicity 3504. I had never used this pattern before so I was glad to test  it out on scrap fabric.

My daughter wasn't a huge fan of these colors initially, so that is one of the reasons I wasn't in a rush to start it. However I did go ahead and start sewing it, since she is always in need of more blouses, especially with those with sleeves. Over spring break she had to do some field research for a class at college, which included perusing children's clothing. While passing through the ladies' department in one of the stores, she saw a blouse with these colors and similar print on one of the mannequins, wearing a white "blue-jean" style jacket on top. That she loved! Now it seemed more "safe" to present it to her for her birthday.


Once again I finished off the inside seams, as is commonly done with couture sewing.


She was glad to get this blouse and wore it to class on her second day of class after her birthday. Her first choice can be seen at the previous link.



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