Saturday, March 19, 2016

Property Brothers or Bust!

Hopes of spring, space, flowers and butterflies have kept me busy these last few weeks, hence my blogging absence. Gardening, spring cleaning, and primarily birthday preparations for my daughter in the form of painting, sewing and cooking! (...and adding more style to the family room! ...and beginning my Thomas Jefferson inspired garden journal!) Stay tuned because today is the day! Well, tomorrow since she's working today! Reveals of all the projects are forthcoming!

This birthday reminds me of my husband's birthday,  3 weeks ago. Ah, that was an exciting day! In grand enthusiasm my husband decided to celebrate his big day by meeting the  Property Brothers in person! He even wore his best flannel shirt for the occasion (to match Jonathan)! And he brought his camera. And he asked me if he could bring his sledge hammer for Jonathan to sign. Um, I don't think security would like that. And what about Drew? I was excited to meet both of them!!!!

We popped into the van and drove out to the venue in plenty of time...until we came to a standstill on the highway. Why all the traffic all of a sudden? We were near Dulles airport. Was that the issue? Eventually we got onto the ramp...eventually we got  onto the side road...eventually to the next side road...and on and on as we crept and crawled to the venue where zero parking existed. All roads for miles around seemed to be a parking lot as opposed to a traveling road. I told my husband that all these people must be there for the Property Brothers. Time had eroded away and I began to fear for my life to enter the building...if they were allowing anyone inside. Oddly it's a smallish old grocery store looking building. How could everyone fit in there. Masses seemed to inch their way inside. How did they all fit? We gave up and returned home. Sadly, we never saw the Property Brothers. Irked, we vowed never to buy tickets on-line ahead of time ever again. Lesson learned. No refunds for any reason the event admins said. Later we learned that inside everything was enormously crowded beyond belief and few got to see the famous duo.

So what am I doing today? In between the making of homemade trifle for my daughter's birthday (she's not a cake girl but she is a strawberry girl) I am watching...the Property Brothers! I like how Jonathan and Drew know real estate. Buyers will pay top dollar for a neutral updated home. A home that has been repaired I might add. We used all their tips (before we even knew them) when we sold our Texas home...for asking price in 24 hours at the bottom of the market in March 2009. I like their vision on how to space plan and see  beyond walls that they tumble down in order to create fresh new spaces. I confess I'm not keen on their decorating style, which is too modern for me. I am French Country, albeit with a contemporary edge, but the Property Brothers's style is too edgy for me. lol  Even so I enjoy their knowlege...and they fun and creativity in working with the homeowners.

We might not get to meet them in person, like we have other home fixer upper stars, but I'm glad we at least get to see them on tv.  So yes, our proposed meet up was a bust, but learning from them and being entertained by them is a  win!   

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