Friday, February 26, 2016

The Perfect Desk for my Son

My son seriously needed a new desk. A few years ago he outgrew the one he had had for years. Now that he has a laptop it's not much of an issue to him, but it was to me. He had numerous items scattered about the house and every time I asked him to put them away he said he had nowhere to put them. When I assessed the situation, I realized they were mostly desk type items, so I decided to buy a desk for him for his birthday.

That was last October. We combined gift monies from the grandparents with ours to make this happen. While he was at work I drove all over town and then I came home and scanned the internet. The ideal desk was not to be found. Most were too expensive. Few had room to spread out (my kids tend to take after me in that department). I didn't want drawers where things would get lost in a mass of accumulated clutter. The types of things my son had scattered throughout the house needed a certain type of desk that either did not exist, or we could not afford.

Therefore my research on-line led me to do even more driving in NoVA, because not all stores report what they have in stock either on-line or in the physical stores. However after much agony I finally located 2 sets of cubicle shelves of a perfect size and color. I got them at Target at two different stores. Apparently they are being discontinued and and are no longer listed on-line. The tabletop came from Lowes in the raw wood section. It's a lovely piece of Aspen. We also purchased a can of stain to match the color of the cubicle shelves. I thought my son could quickly stain the top himself.


I got creative with the wrapping.The long board wrapped in blue in back was the table top. The two blue packages in front were the shelving in boxes. One of the bags contained the stain. I forgot what I put in the other bags.

I meant to take lots of process photos but my son whisked everything away and I missed all the action!

My son quickly assembled the cubicle shelves and set them up in his room. We got rid of his old desk. His bits and pieces came up to his room, and I think he actually threw some of it away. Then he worked forever on the desk top. He used all the finesse and skills he's learned over the years from the cabinet makers at Colonial Williamsburg. He purchased some ultra fine grit sandpaper and has so far put on several coats of stain, sanding in between each application. The tabletop is beautifully sleek and smooth!The sheen is hard to capture with a camera but it's more like a fine piece of furniture than the relatively inexpensive products I purchased. Of course the shelving is merely particle board, but the aspen desk top is a piece of art.


Finally he had to go off to college, so he temporarily assembled the entire desk so it would at least look nice for all the months he'd be away at college.


A few weeks ago we lost power upstairs in the master bedroom and my daughter's room. Because the wiring took a few days to fix, my daughter moved into her brother's room to study. She loved the desk. She loved spreading out and having room for her legs! When the wiring was finally fixed she regretfully moved back to her room.

I asked her last year if she'd mind us spending Christmas money on a new desk for her. She said that she did not want a new desk. Now that she's had a chance to experience her brother's desk, and since her birthday is coming, I asked her if she'd mind us spending her birthday money on a new desk, similar to her brother's, but in white. She heartily agreed. So stay tuned for that!

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