Saturday, February 27, 2016

Shabby Chic Additions

For Christmas...yes I know, I'm still quite a bit behind on my blog, but her birthday is coming and then there will be more additions so now is the time to catch up. =) So anyway, for Christmas, my goal was to collect a few more shabby chic items for my daughter's room. It's quite small. It's grown up in the last few months from being a little girl room, to that of a busy collegiate. In fact it's the room of a super de-duper busy collegiate! It's often quite a mess because what is a gal to do with all of those books and papers and, well, everything...when time is at a premium, as well as space? Alas, no major room shots yet. But her room is looking more refined, despite the collegiate clutter. To that end, my goal was to collect a few additions that would help to tame the chaos and chic up the space. =)

One of those goals was to find a shabby chic nightstand with storage. I drove all over NoVA but couldn't find anything shabby chic...until one afternoon two days before Christmas. My daughter and I were out Christmas shopping and stopped by TJ Maxx, where I had been a few times already that week. Well, while walking down one of the aisles...there it was! Super cheap too! My daughter loved it! Since she already knew what she was getting for Christmas, I had fun wrapping it with some decorative ribbon that I had to make it look like a candy cane.  

After Christmas we finally found the perfect shabby chic lamp for a great price. Here it is on the new nightstand.
The top corner was damaged, but that's okay. It's shabby chic! It was worth it for the inexpensive price. Less than $50. I forget the exact amount now. But it is totally shabby chic...and already painted white. My daughter was glad she wouldn't have to paint this one white, like she did the rest of the furniture last summer! There is storage so that allows a chance to hide away another one of her piles to let the room neaten up some  more. Her previous nightstand, also shabby chic, was completely open, so everything looked messy. There's even a drawer at the bottom. 




She also got new knobs from Hobby Lobby for her jewelry chest that she painted last summer.
We agonized over the scrumptious selection of knobs before we finally settled on these!

Another gift from Hobby Lobby was this curio cabinet for her to store her pretty bits and pieces...mostly tea sets.

This lavender one is from Monticello.

This tea set is from Colonial Williamsburg.

We went to Hobby Lobby in January where she asked for a few new shabby chic decorative items for her birthday, which will be in a few weeks. So stay tuned for those!

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  1. What enchantingly beautiful new pieces. That nightstand in particular set my heart aflutter. Shabby chic for the win always and forever in my books.

    Many hugs & happy tail end of winter wishes,
    ♥ Jessica