Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Retro Pattern Notecards

A couple of months ago my cousin thought of me while she was shopping. Knowing how much I enjoy sewing clothing of the past, she decided to send  me a box of note cards that took me back to my childhood, specifically the 1970's. They look groovy!

I loved how the designer and manufacturer filled every space with iconic elements of sewing. Even the edge of the box represents a measuring tape. Can you dig it?
The envelopes, front and back, are just too cool! Can you imagine the mail man's face when he delivers these?
Psyche! Did you think these were real patterns? The front of each note card represents the front of a McCalls pattern. The back represents the back of the pattern. The inside of the card is blank. This is my favorite one. I wouldn't mind recreating the red dress...but I don't actually have the pattern. Nevertheless I love it with that black collar and scarf.
I've worn the sleeveless versions of these blouses! Dig it?
Dude... This pattern reminds me of Laurie Partridge and Marcia Brady! I actually had a dress like the blue one, but sleeveless. It was too warm in Texas to bother with sleeves too often. It was easier to throw on a sweater as needed. My version was a really cute white background with a sort of brown plaid (not really  plaid but it was large, and not really check...not sure how to describe it) and a wide soft pink ribbon where the pleats met the body of the dress. I'm not sure if I have a photo of that or not but I must have been 4 when that photo was taken.
Oh my. I don't think I ever met any cool cats in the 1970's who dressed like this. I saw actors on tv who wore them, but I never knew anyone in real life who dressed like this.

Do you have a favorite? Have you or anyone you know worn any of these?
Cya later alligator!

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  1. What a lovely gift! I particularly like the fact that even the envelopes have the pattern theme on them. As you say, it's great that the designer didn't just put the pattern image on the front of the card and call it job done.