Monday, January 25, 2016

Night Sledding Run

Monday came and snow plow. That's odd. We are usually plowed throughout the storm, or at worst, the first day of blue sky. We could see all the cars driving on the main road in the distance. It was a bit surreal to be snowed in. I actually liked it. However my husband had work and my daughter had college and work. Their lives are much different from mine and they needed to get did our neighbors. What if there were an emergency? We had already heard some sadly unfortunate stories during the storm simply because emergency personnel could not reach those in need. The temperatures had been warming up through the day. We were beginning to wonder if the snow would be melted by the time help came.
Anyway my daughter was busy with school work and I forget what my husband did with the day. I was busy sewing my 18th century stays all weekend. It was a cinch snowing. Winter is usually rather dark with the sun low in the sky, but with the snow laying everywhere, it reflected every bit of sun from the blue sky. That evening we went sledding again. It's amazing how bright the outdoors are when the moon shines on the snow. Snow is a great reflector. There were even fireworks in the sky from a nearby farm.









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