Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hiding? or Being Bold?

I was a bit surprised, recently, to hear a pastor say that Christians retreat due to fear from the world in many of which is by homeschooling.


The Christians I know do not retreat or hide from the world...especially homeschoolers. In fact Christian homeschoolers are some of the bravest people I know because simply making the choice to homeschool more often brings criticism, not only from the world, but also sometimes from extended family, neighbors, local schools, and even sometimes the church.

I mentioned this comment on facebook. My homeschool friends from around the world, one of whom is my cousin, had this to say:

"I think it's such a stereo-type to assume homeschoolers are hermits, hiding from the world." -Rachel in Germany

"Homeschoolers are out in the world on a daily basis. There are many many reasons to homeschool. The fact that we are Christians doesn't factor into our homeschooling decision." -Janelle in Nebraska

"It seems that some believe that when building a hedge of protection, it must be made out of concrete and a mile high. It isn't true. Just yesterday, someone asked my son whether he felt isolated from social interactions. He replied, "No, I'm sitting here talking with you, right?" (said while this young man in his senior year was working out at the gym) -Dawn in Indiana

"I don't agree at all. My family engaged with the world much more deeply and in more meaningful ways when we became homeschoolers. We had more time to volunteer, so we all got more involved with people in need in our community and actually got to know some of them as friends. We had more time to worship God and serve at church. We learned to have discernment in what we allowed into our lives as far as music, movies, books, etc., but getting rid of all of the junk and twaddle in our entertainment diet left room for wholesome influences. So I'd say that we learned to engage with the very best people and ideas in the world, and that honors God and ourselves. If that's "hiding" from the world, maybe everyone should hide from it."  -Jennifer in Michigan

"Fear from the world"? Really? I have much greater fear of God if I disobey this conviction he placed upon my family. And I consider it a healthy exercise to ensure that my homeschoolers are well prepared to live in this world without my protection before they graduate.
Other words fail me at the moment..."
-Tiffani in Virginia

"If it's done from fear that fear can hamper things. We didn't choose from fear rather we had too much logic in our heads to leave our kid at K all day just to take an afternoon nap." -Brenda in Wisconsin

"There's a vast difference between doing something out of fear and doing it because you have concerns about the negative influences and want to PROTECT. I'm not afraid of the frost, but I protect my plants from it. I'm not afraid of the sun but I protect my skin from it. A desire to protect your children isn't the same as fear. We are motivated by love and concern, and conviction. Desiring to obey God isn't fear, either." -Caroline in England

"It takes dedication, faith, 24/7 to homeschooling, you can't hide or be afraid, your children are at stake and that's the most important thing. Who loves them more, who wants them to succeed more, no one but you!!!" -Lisa in Virginia

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