Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Becoming More 18th Century

I thought I'd give a sneak peak into a few more goals I have  in becoming more 18th century, through music and art forms.

18th century ladies were trained in music. I hope to return to the piano, which I first learned while growing up. Tunes known in the 18th century are definitely at the top of my list, to not only play, but memorize. One of my favorite visits in Colonial Williamsburg is to the cabinetmakers shop where they have a harpsichord available to play. Harpsichords play quite differently than pianos, but more on that in a future post! Of course I would love a real harpsichord but I am thankful for a piano!


18th century ladies also sang. More on that later, but one of my practical goals with this is to help my damaged vocal cords from the illness I had last winter. I have a series of voice cds that I plan to pursue along with research into singing and songs of the 18th century.

Another skill that 18th century ladies developed was in sketching, or painting. Unfortunately I live a bit too far away from a series of lectures, and one in particular, that focused on this recently in the Williamsburg area. However I'd like to further research this and hone my own skills. This is an art journal I created several years ago when my kids were little, when we sought to accomplish the same goals. I hope to share more later...  

Of course I shall continue  my 18th century stitching. Here are some kits purchased at Colonial Williamsburg, that are based on 18th century pieces. One uses a Queen's Stitch and the other an Irish Stitch. I first learned some of both at a class with the Colonial Williamsburg Costume Design Center a few years ago.
Of course I shall continue stitching an 18th century wardrobe as well. My 18th century stays have been perfectly fitted. I am finishing the stitching on them now.

As I immerse myself in studies of the 18th century, I shall also recommend many books in my collection from all sorts of fibers to gardening, to history.  This is the newest book in my collection from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. I hope to even pursue my quilting with a bit more historical flare!

Then of course, as mentioned previously, I shall explore the world and education of our Founding Fathers that prepared them to write the Constitution. The education of our Founding Fathers is quite different from that commonly found today. Theirs was classically based, so I shall continue to share more information on how we can teach classically today, referencing many books, and making connections with the world of the Founding Fathers.

Of course I shall also try to share moments in history of our Founding Father's work to establish our unique form of government, to help us understand the documents they wrote and how ti applies to us today. =)

Furthermore, I shall share a bit more of the trade of the 18th century since I have been decorating my French Country home with some of these items. I hope everyone enjoys. I know I shall enjoy the journey!

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