Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pumpkin Cheesecakes for Tea

Today the ladies from my Bible Study Fellowship group came over for lunch/fellowship so I made some dessert. I have some lovely magazines from Tea Time Magazine but I rarely cook from them. I felt that this opportunity presented itself to pretend this was a tea. After poring through recipes I decided upon mini-pumpkin cheesecakes. The recipe was a bit of a challenge, however the one that I sampled was delicious. My family decided to sample some too the night before the fellowship. Yum! All of the ladies enjoyed them too. Some of the ladies asked to take an extra one home for their husbands. After they left I finally remembered to take a photo. This is all that was left. I made an extra batch for my family, because I had more crust than I had filling. I couldn't get the crust to stick up the sides either. However they were quite handy as finger food type desserts. Everyone agreed it was a wonderful bit of decadence.

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