Monday, January 4, 2016

My Son as Lafayette in the Snow

My son has pressed me to make the perfect Lafayette regimental for him. After much research by me and supervision by my son, he had an entire ensemble to wear on wintery days to keep warm. During February 2012 President's Day Weekend at Colonial Williamsburg, I couldn't resist an opportune moment to pretend Lafayette was at winter camps at Valley Forge.

The coat is 100% wool, and sewn based on General Washington's specific requirements that he drafted during the American Revolution. I was quite thrilled to find these specifications in my research! The buttons are brass, from Burnley and Trowbridge. The epaulettes are reproduced from the type that Lafayette wore, quite French! The cravat is 100% silk. The shirt is 100% linen, stitched by hand, with dorset buttons that I made. The breeches are 100% wool, stitched by hand. The waistcoat is 100% linen and sewn by hand. A wool one is in the works. The stockings are from Colonial Williamsburg's Mary Dickenson store. The hat is from Colonial Williamsburg's Tarpley's store, with much help from Miss Penny who custom shaped it as per my son's requests. She gave him directions to complete the finishing work at home. I made the cockade to represent the French American Alliance. 






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  1. What an amazing costume, your son is a very lucky young man!