Saturday, January 9, 2016

Matthew Cuthbert Potatoes in my Kitchen

One day when I pulled out the potatoes for cooking, something caught my eye. Can you see it? The yellow banner underneath the logo says, "Prince Edward Island." Some of the wording on the right side of the bag is even in French. Quite fitting for a former French colony. The address for the bagger is for Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. What fun it was to think of these as having come from Matthew Cuthbert's farm.  (Check previous link from The Annotated Anne of Green Gables on Matthew, potatoes, and their exports today.) Even though I had purchased this bag myself, I hadn't noticed until much later.


Potatoes have been a key crop since the 18th century. Today there are about 330 potato farms on the island, representing generations of potato growers who learned secrets of the trade from the elders.  Of course Matthew had planned to follow this tradition when he and Marilla originally planned to adopt a boy to help him on the farm.

The famous red soil that we see in the Anne of Green Gables movie are part of the potato secret. Rich in iron, the sandy soil perfectly retains moisture in a perfect environment encouraged by being on the gulf stream. Also the ocean is a natural barrier to disease. (

Incidentally, I happened to have another bag of potatoes...from Long Island, New York!  


Be sure to see if there are Matthew Cuthbert potatoes at a grocer near you!. 

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