Friday, December 18, 2015

Texas in a Box...From my Secret Sister 2015

Today I received a box from my Secret Sister, Kellie from Texas! She knew how much I miss Texas, so she packed Texas in a box!

Everything was wrapped in festive paper and packed in that gorgeous gift box in the center of the photo! I'm looking forward to reusing that and putting it under our tree every year! The card was handstamped and filled with a lovely message of encouragement! How about that Texas soap? That is going into the Texas bathroom. (Bet you didn't know I had one of those. Home decorating post pending.) The blue candle is scented like bluebonnets! My kids sniffed it and said that is the correct scent for bluebonnets! I've already enjoyed my big cup of tea! And a bit of chocolate! And that Texas ornament just makes me feel like I'm back home!
Rustic Sweet!

Kellie has been a friend on facebook and we've gotten to know each other really well. We have a lot in common, but as she says, a bit different too! That is the fun of it and so happy to get to know her a bit more. And I just have to tag on that it was so much fun to see the name of her city, which would make any American Revolution fan smile! Yep, we do have 18th century names in Texas!
Thank you, Kellie! I'll be remembering you every year and as I go from one room to the next! Thank you, especially, for your prayers!  They are the most important, but I do have to admit, the box was definitely fun to open and enjoy on this crazy, hectic day! 

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