Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How to See the Missing Pages-Facebook Tips

I thought I'd share some facebook tips since I know how frustrating it is to "like" and follow various pages, only for facebook to select a mere few to post in our newsfeed. There are a few solutions for this problem but these are my two favorites.
One, when I am on my laptop I scroll down the left column to "Pages" and select "Pages Feed." That is where the missing posts went! Unfortunately that option is not available on my cell phone.
Second, when I am on my laptop, I scroll down the left column to "Interests" and click on that. On the new page I click "add interests" then "create new list."  To form a new list, I choose all the pages that are shown in the pop up screen that would fit a certain category, then I click "next." On that window I create a name for that group of pages. I have categories like sewing, decor, quilting, gardening, fitness, writing, food, homeschool, and history. I can add to or delete from this at anytime. Also, I can access this on my cell phone (android) by clicking on the top right corner where the horizontal lines are. That brings up a list of options, like seeing my various "interests." I'm on the go quite a bit so it's nice to do some of my research even if I'm not at home.
If you are a serious fan of certain pages, you can go to that timeline, to the "like" box and either select "newsfeed" or "notifications," depending on how you'd like to be keeping in touch with that page.
Also if there is a post that I want to read but can't until later, I go to the top right corner of the post to click the arrow and select "save _______." That way it is stored for later, even if I'm moving between usage on my laptop and cell phone.
Hope this helps!

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