Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Eating, Canning, Freezing

My previous garden post was of the fabulous harvest in our Virginia garden. Now to share how we ate it and how we plan to eat it! Sadly I did not photograph every meal, but I hit upon some real winners.

The peas, beans and onions were quite basic, where I simply parboiled them, sauteed them with herbs or stir fried them. Yum!

The eggplant and green tomatoes that fell off the vine while I was pulling up unproductive plants, were done tempura style. I found a tempura recipe so they would be light and airy and delicious!

The abundance of peppers seemed to forgive the rare indulgence of stuffing them! Our favorite was chili relleno! The marconi peppers were often added to omelettes!

I made a  fig pizza.

The grapes were eaten raw until I feared the supply would outlast the demand, so I made a scrumptious galette which brought them to their immediate end.

The massive yield of tomatoes allowed for the greatest variety of experimentation.

Tomatoes and Green Beans from the Garden

My greatest goal with the tomatoes was to can them. I poured through many recipes before making my final decision. I ended up only freezing the yellow pears due to time. The larger tomatoes I canned into salsa. 
I've canned many salsas over the years, but I have since been taken with the incredible depth of flavor of roasted salsas that I get at some restaurants. I couldn't find a specific recipe for it so I decided to grill the key ingredients before pureeing them with the smaller ingredients. My thought was to try that to keep the house cooler. 
The back jar didn't quite fill up so we had to eat that one up immediately! It lasted all of 2 days.
I did 3 different sets of canning through the summer. The last two batches were roasted instead of grilled, because that was less time consuming.
128h 8-28-15
This was our favorite way to enjoy the colorful tomatoes, with country style dijon mustard vinaigrette.
159 9-28-15
As of today I have all these jars of salsa to keep us in good supply.
I also have 4 gallon sized bags of the yellow pear tomatoes.

At the end of the season I had harvested lots of green tomatoes that I cooked into a green tomato soup with crab.

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  1. This all looks so delicious, I feel hungry now! Love the fact that the incomplete jar of salsa only lasted two days!