Friday, November 27, 2015

Getting Our Christmas Tree as Inspired by Walton's Mountain

The day after Thanksgiving we went to our local Christmas tree farm to chop down on our own. We had never done this before moving to Virginia. Even though we still have our artificial tree from Texas (which is a pretty looking blue spruce) we can't resist breaking this new Virginia tradition.

Every year that we go, I think of the Walton's first Christmas movie, The Homecoming. Set in 1933 and based on the life of the author, Earl Hamner, Grandpa and John Boy look for the perfect tree on Walton's Mountain to chop down for Christmas. We don't live far from Walton's Mountain outside of Charlottesville, so I think of that every time we drive "over the river and through the woods." All of the road names in the movie are roads that run near our house!

Grandpa Walton already had the perfect tree selected. When they reached the spot, Grandpa merely pointed out the tree to John Boy who ran over to chop it down.

However we have to do quite a bit of searching. Blue Spruces, my favorite, are available at a slightly higher price, but my kids prefer the soft needles of the Scotch Pine, so that is the type we always get.





After the shaking of the tree and bagging, we get a drink of hot cider then journey home.
My kids were busy with work and college but they helped as much as they could...
... branches cut from the bottom of the trunk to use for the nativities in the Mexican tradition...
...and I decorated my first tree since moving here! The kids sort of took over by the time we moved here, leaving me in charge of the rest of the house. Now they are too busy. Even though this tree is only a foot or two taller than our artificial tree, which also means the girth is much takes much longer to decorate! I hadn't quite realized until now. I used to be done  much quicker, but somehow I got  the decorations up, train set up around the tree and village placed inside the some point after nightfall. The next day I finished the rest of the house.     

Well, I'm pretty much done. I'm still moving things around here and there and need to finish a touch or two here and there.

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