Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Day of Maryland Row by Row Collecting

Since Row by Row free pattern collecting is coming to an end and there are still a few Maryland stores I wanted to visit...

Charlotte's Cottage Quilt Shop 
I love the boat, which reminds me of the Chesepeake. We are surrounded by so much deep water, which I guess is a bigger deal to me than most, since I come from Texas where there has been so much drought, that I like featuring boats and lighthouses and such. I haven't been able to obtain a lighthouse row yet, though. I really, really wanted one from last year's row by row from another Maryland quilt shop but wasn't able to get out there. There were also some crabby ones that I liked but couldn't get those either. I really like the boat and crab themed rows from Maryland, especially when they are clever and cute like this! 

Capital Quilts -I got one of their rows last year which also included the monuments. I hope they incorporate the monuments every year because I'd like to feature all of them in one quilt. Last year's was a star spangled banner one.

While driving along winding roads I discovered an intriguing historical site related to the Underground Railroad which I want to further investigate for a future stay-cation spot!

I also got to meet one of my on-line Christian homeschool quilting friends in person for the first time, since she lives in the area and she found out I was passing through!

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