Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Day of Maryland Row by Row Collecting

Since Row by Row free pattern collecting is coming to an end and there are still a few Maryland stores I wanted to visit, my husband and I took today to see new  parts of Maryland as we collected patterns at...

Charlotte's Cottage Quilt Shop 
I love the boat, which reminds me of the Chesepeake. We are surrounded by so much deep water, which I guess is a bigger deal to me than most, since I come from Texas where there has been so much drought, that I like featuring boats and lighthouses and such. I haven't been able to obtain a lighthouse row yet, though. I really, really wanted one from last year's row by row from another Maryland quilt shop but wasn't able to get out there. There were also some crabby ones that I liked but couldn't get those either. I really like the boat and crab themed rows from Maryland, especially when they are clever and cute like this! 

Capital Quilts -I got one of their rows last year which also included the monuments. I hope they incorporate the monuments every year because I'd like to feature all of them in one quilt. Last year's was a star spangled banner one.

While driving along winding roads I discovered an intriguing historical site related to the Underground Railroad which I want to further investigate for a future stay-cation spot!

I also got to meet one of my on-line Christian homeschool quilting friends in person for the first time, since she lives in the area and she found out I was passing through!

And my husband and I finally got hungry. I forget the name of the restaurant, bur we were tantalized by a seafood appetizer which arrived looking like a grandiose crab dip. It was scrumptious! No canned or frozen seafood, like many restaurants use, was part of this recipe. Delightfully, large, plump, slightly sea salty scallops, shrimp and crab were the key ingredients. This is exactly the sort of decadence I look for in a Maryland establishment. With all the reputation for blue crabs...and the Chesepeake nearby, I want great seafood!

There was one distant store we didn't have time to drive to. We did that another day...a truly crabby day. Stay tuned!

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