Friday, August 14, 2015

From Garden Green to White Shabby Chic

Today my daughter and I painted her bedroom furniture in the next phase of redecorating her room in Shabby Chic style. We chose Cream Delight for the paint.

This was the furniture to be repainted. I originally painted the bed and two bookcases green years ago when we lived in Texas. I bought the headboard at Hobby Lobby (with a 50% off coupon of course) and the picket fence bookcase on the right at Garden Ridge Pottery. Both were unfinished. The bookcase on the left was a damaged piece that I found on the side of the road many,  many years ago when we lived in north Texas. The rotted back panel was replaced with new plywood. The original color of that was colonial blue which has since then been several different colors. I painted on the floral hearts using Donna Dewberry's paint techniques when I decorated my daughter's bedroom into a garden theme about ten years ago.    
Even though my daughter had never painted before, and even though she has struggled a bit with fine motor skills, she did an excellent job helping with all the painting! I was quite impressed and couldn't have asked for a better helper! Boy did she develop a painting lingo and comprehension quickly. Now when she hears designers talk on hgtv, she knows exactly what they are talking about, if something is going to work or not. 
The bed is done! In the back left is the Ikea bookcase we bought last spring.
The picket bookcase is done!
Now for the floral bookcase in the corner...
That was hard...covering up all that work.
Next to paint was the jewelry chest. My daughter is sanding it here to give it some tooth to take the paint. After she sanded it we wiped it down well with a tack cloth to remove all the grit so we'd have a smooth finish when we paint it.


Then she sanded the frame of the bulletin board I had covered with extra fabric from her new duvet cover that I had sewn. Then I very lightly painted the frame white. 
We have more ideas for the room. We are working as we have time and stay tuned!

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