Friday, July 31, 2015

Canadice Grapes and a Galette Recipe

On July 24, 2015, our grapes were ready.

Of course they didn't look like much last spring...
April 2015

...however by summer they looked hopeful. I say hopeful, because the birds and snakes like the grapes too.
June 2015

June 2015

By July the harvesting of the grapes, a bit too early. Even so, aren't these beautifully frosty looking for July grapes? They always look like this. Absolutely beautiful.

In summers past I never got to cook anything with the grapes because everyone eats them right up. They went so quickly because the harvest was smaller...and sweeter. Everyone liked these, despite the sourness, but they were a bit too sour for digging in so abundantly and I was afraid of having to toss them soon. So I found this recipe for a grape galette! For a video on a great crust, see this. And here is an interesting bit of history on galettes, from Rome to Europe. Many thanks to the Europeans for the addition of butter to the crust!
The dough was super easy because I've had a box of puff pastry in the freezer from a history presentation meal a few years ago. I dug it out, let it thaw, then rolled it out. Then I added the sugared grapes to it, then I pinched up the sides. Galettes are free form so no need for perfection. yea! Pie crusts are a challenge for me. This is more fun anyway. 
Ta da! Doesn't that look delicious? But it gets better...



Just wait until next summer! I have new tips loaded with TLC for growing grapes that I'd like to try next summer. A few weeks ago I attended a lecture at The Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants. This day was fantabulous...from the tour of the gardens to the lecture with Michael McConkey of Edible Landscaping.

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