Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Video Interview, Colleen Dewhurst, and Marilla...from Anne of Green Gables

Fifteen years ago Colleen Dewhurst brought Marilla Cuthbert to life in the acclaimed Sullivan production, Anne of Green Gables. No wonder! After seeing this interview I learned why Dewhurst's role was so wonderfully memorable. For one, she was a Canada girl! While Dewhurst grew up in Toronto her mother read the Anne books to her. Later Dewhurst read the books to her own sons when they were growing up. (One of them, Campbell Scott, starred in Hallmark's The Love Letter, one of my favorite time travel movies set in the present/Civil War eras. Incidentally her husband was George C. Scott whom we enjoy every Christmas in A Christmas Carol.) Dewhurst moved to Prince Edward Island in adulthood, forgetting this was the land of Anne. While there she met someone who knew L.M. Montgomery (long before Dewhurst got the role of Marilla.) Through this new-found kindred spirit Dewhurst learned fascinating tidbits of Montgomery's life, some of which she shares in the interview. Enjoy!


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