Thursday, April 2, 2015

Shabby Chic Sheer Curtains

My original intent was a valence with the floral, sheers behind that, all hung creatively on the new shabby chic rod. However the plans changed to only the sheers.


Of course first things are first. I took down the old valence. My daughter loved the fabric. I ended up washing it and reusing it to sew a summer blouse for her. More on that later. However she never did like the curtain rod, that was hanging in her room when we moved in. 
Here is the original wall color. When we moved in this had been painted over with greyish paint that had purple undertones. Perhaps the undertones were due to this purple having been the base coat. My daughter, who loves purple, might have liked this color for her room when we moved in, but now we'll never know. Usually she says that's too much purple. Also the room is small and would have been dark with all the walls that color, so we chose a cheery yellow to cover the walls after we moved in. 

Now to sew the sheers. I reused these from our Egyptian costumes.

Since I was sewing such delicate fabric, I used small needles. Here they are laid against the sheer fabric which has some crinkly texture.
I used a strip of cotton to stabilize a section of the fabric where the ties would go.
I sewed eyelets in the sheers, then used narrow satin ribbon to string through the eyelets and tie to the rod.


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