Friday, September 11, 2015

The Woes of Technology

This week has been crazy! I spent Monday looking at new houses for design ideas and to check out the competition for whenever we decide to sell this house. Those houses were ugly! I like my house so much! We felt that our plan of doing upgrades was right on target, so we did a bit of shopping for new lighting in the kitchen and dining room. My husband will put them up tonight.
Tuesday I finally took some time to research the Golden Ratio to blog about. It's quite fascinating, something I first learned about in first grade! It goes way back to the Greeks and is seen architecturally, in nature, and in quilts! As I was working on that my wonderful Lenovo was running low on batteries, so I tried to recharge it to no avail.  It is now being delivered to Texas for repairs. I miss it so much. I especially miss the backlit keyboard.
I got my  old Dell laptop out but a certain process a certain someone tried backfired so we had to do a brand new factory setting reboot. Oh no! I'm glad I'm up and running again and that we were able to move files and bookmarks over, but now from all the various backups and moves in the last few months I now have 2-3 copies or more of everything (files, pictures, and bookmarks) not that any of those copies are identical. My  mind is near implosion!
Thus, I haven't done any major sewing, except for finishing another blouse for my daughter while the Dell was downloading all the new stuff. Once I got the major programs on the Dell, I've been focusing on streamlining all the chaos. When I'm home I have been organizing my bookmarks and finding many dead links. Those are now gone. I'm getting rid of doubles and triples. I'm moving lots of historical clothing research to Pinterest. I never could find all that in my  bookmarks anyway. I think putting them on Pinterest will ultimately speed up my historic sewing because now I'll be able to find my research quicker. So photos are going to Pinterest and text articles are remaining bookmarked. The bookmarks for my historical sewing are already becoming much easier!
Sometimes I sit in parking lots at night waiting for my kids to get off work. I thought I'd have lots of reading time, so I grabbed my snazzy booklight, that is flat and lays inside the book. I couldn't see anything with the dim light. I have tried to change batteries but that hasn't helped. Turns out the lightbulb is dead but that cannot be accessed. Guess what I have asked for my birthday? (sigh) October is a long ways away but my husband will be glad to have something techie for me to buy.
So my daughter told me I could borrow her clip on booklight. Ah, finally I can read a book during all that parking lot sitting! No. Still too dim. (sigh) I've added a new one of these to the gift list too.
I've given up on books for parking lot reading. I took in my Dell laptop to streamline the offline stuff (files and pictures). I merrily settled down to have productive parking lot time...but I don't have a backlit keyboard on my Dell.
Of course any hope of handsewing (historic or quilting) is out of the question in a dark parking lot.
There's a reason why the 18th century just went to bed at night instead of wasting so many candles.

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