Sunday, September 27, 2015

Technology Update and Blog Change

My laptop has returned home and my files, photos and bookmarks are organized at long last! It's wonderful to finally be able to find my research! I hope it stays that way!
Now that the computer is all spit spot, I took a peak at my google analytics for the first time in weeks. After taking a look at which pages are read and how much time people spend on them, I've learned that about 97% of my readers are reading my historical sewing pages. About 1% read  my quilting posts. Another 1% is reading my homeschool posts. The last 1% are miscellaneous.
Once upon a time, those numbers were reversed, in that 97% of my readers were homeschoolers. In that time my kids became college bound highschoolers with less arts and crafts projects and more calculus, physics, and Latin, so the posts weren't quite as cute as they used to be.
Also in that time my sewing journey moved from historical costume for our history presentations to learning how to sew historically accurate clothing. Costuming definitely has its place and was a great way to get my kids hooked on history on a low budget and short sewing time (3 historical outfits every 9 weeks). Then we moved to Virginia, visited Colonial Williamsburg on a monthly basis, and within our first few months of living here my kids asked for more historically accurate clothing for them and me so we could pretend to be a colonial family while visiting the historic area. I started taking classes with the tailors and milliners and a whole new world opened to me.
Now my kids have graduated from high school...and my readership has flipped. Therefore I'm in the middle of changing all my categories from homeschool labels to labels that reflect my historical  sewing journey. I will keep all my old posts, most of which are catalogued in the tabbed pages at the top of this page. ("Historical Eras" has been moved to the bottom of my "Classical Education" page.) Meanwhile I will continue to blog about miscellaneous subjects, such as travels, house remodeling, old homeschool lessons, books I've read, etc.  In between blog posts I'll continue sewing and those "work in progress" photos can always be seen on my facebook page, Teacups Among the Fabric (accessed by clicking the button in my right side bar). I still have a garden of subjects to share, but as I finish my sewing projects I'll be certain to share them here with lots of photos!

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