Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Shakespearan Clothing, a Video, and Books

I stumbled upon this great video of Jenny Tiramani showing how a Shakespearan actress is dressed to perform at the Globe Theater. Although many theaters and production companies take shortcuts in costumes due to expense and the need to expedite costume changes, this video showcases the historical accuracy of the clothing the actress wears as she puts everything on, layer by exquisite layer.

Tiramani's expertise in Elizabethan and Jacobean clothing has led to her work not only Shakespearan theater but also her work on numerous books, including Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 4: The cut and construction of linen shirts, smocks, neckwear, headwear and accesssories for men and women, c.1540-1660. These may sound like humble garments and for the most part many of them are. However there are wonderful period renderings as well as numerous photographs of actual pieces with incredible blackwork and lace. As always, patterns are available for drafting, the detail of which is stunning.


Another book that Tiramani has edited is Seventeenth Century Women's Dress Patterns, that has been reviewed  by the Colonial Williamsburg tailor.


Currently working for The School of Historical Dress, Tiramani is working on Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 5: The cut and construction of women's bodies, stays, hoops and rumps, c. 1600-1795

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