Saturday, July 25, 2015

Kitty Tested and Approved Row by Row Quilt Win!

This morning I packed up my Row by Row quilt and my husband took me for a lovely drive through the Blue Ridge  Mountains to one of the quilt shops that one of my rows had come from. Does this kitty look familiar?

There is a picture of her on my previous post from when I picked up the row from her quilt shop...


Can you guess which store we are at?


This quilt is definitely kitty tested and approved!


My husband enjoyed playing with her.


My hope was that kitty would find my quilt and want to lay on it. I used to have a kitty of my own in Texas so this felt like home!


I took photos to put on facebook, then I told Rachel of Rachel's Quilt Patch in Staunton, Virginia (did you guess correctly?) that all my friends are going to think I won the kitty. And they did! Their comments were great! Alas, kitty stayed behind along with my quilt. I was humbled that the lovely ladies of Rachel's Quilt Patch asked for my quilt to stay on display, since I am practically a beginning quilter. Here is the link to their facebook page of the official photo for the win! I loved how they truly got into the theme of rowing with the Row by Rows with the canoe greeting us out front.


They played it up in our official photo too by having us stand in front of the canoe! Since my husband drove, he got to hold the oar! This lovely quilt shop is run by 3 generations of ladies: granddaughter (who helped to hold our quilt down in the breeze), mother and grandmother! I also love how this shop is in the historic area, in an old train station. All the fabrics are cozily surrounded by old brick walls and greeted by kitty! (Remember when my daughter was greeted by kitty when we picked up the row pattern?)


Here are my lovely prizes. The fabrics are so scrumptious I'm simply enjoying looking at their lovely colors right now. The patterns are great too. The apron pattern is by the same lady who wrote the vintage book from an apron I made a couple of months ago. This apron is obviously vintage inspired, so how great is that considering I do lots of historical sewing? The other pattern looks modern but when taking a close look at it I was pleased to see it is actually the same pattern of a lovely traditional rose bud quilt I had seen years ago. How neat to see one pattern done in two ways, modern to traditional!


Thank you so much to all the organizers and to Rachel's Quilt Patch!

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  1. Awww, what a splendidly sweet kitty! It reminds me of a small used book and second hand jewelry store about two hours north of us that has at least two - three resident cats at all times. They're very friendly, especially one ginger hued darling, and are as much of a reason for me to visit that shop as the wares they sell.

    Wishing you a fantastic week,
    ♥ Jessica